Best Dental Clinic in Jamnagar

Best Dental Clinic in Jamnagar

Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental & Implant Clinic is best dental clinic in Jamnagar, situated at the prime location of Jamnagar. We offer all types of dental treatment with world class facilities. Our clinic is registered An ISO 9001:2008 certified Dental Clinic, known for Quality Dental Treatments.

ISO certified dental clinic at jamnagar dr bharat katarmal

Dentistry is not only about dental care - it’s also about lifestyle, beauty and overall wellness. Many of our Patients come to us because they want to get away from the old fashioned, clinical atmosphere of traditional dentists that may bring back bad memories instead they prefer to embrace the latest in dental technology in a relaxing, caring and clean environment.


We believe in quality dentistry. Our standards are in line with those laid out for practicing dental surgeries in the United Kingdom and The United States of America. We follow strict instrument sterilization protocols and use the latest and best dental materials available in the business today from well known companies across the world, so you know always that you are getting the best and safest treatment.


Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental and Implant Clinic founded in 2000 and has completed 24 years of services in excellence where people come for treatment not only from Jamnagar, we get patients from all over the world (dental tourism).


Now that the global borders are shrinking and India is being recognized for its excellent work in all fields including the Dentistry. We have adapted to provide Quality Dental health care at our dental clinic at Jamnagar.


We offer our patients world–class facilities. Our services include dental implantcosmetic dentistryroot canal treatmentfix teeth (bridge)crowndenturesdental bracesveneersteeth cleaningteeth whiteningsmile designfull mouth rehabilitationdental fillingsgum treatment.


Our facility is designed to provide dental care in a safe and secure environment. We’ll not allow quality to take second place behind cost or schedule.


Why We?  What Sets Us Apart

We respect your time!

Your happiness is our ultimate goal!

Your comfort guaranteed! 


Consultation and Procedures

Consultations and procedures are provided on a by appointment basis to allow us to work exclusively with you, our valued patient.



Technology available at our clinic

 Intra-oral Scanner Aoralscan 3D Shining  for digital dental impresion.

 Fully automatic computerized comfortable two dental chairs and units.

 STARPEN - Painless Dental Anesthesia Injection

 Digital  Intraoral DC x-ray machine of low radiation.

 RVG Digital dental x ray

 OPG panoramic x-ray machine for full mouth diagnosis by one film only.

 Intra oral camera for image recording.

 NSK physiodispenser for Implant placement

 Ultrasonic scaler for fast, painless, safe and efficient teeth cleaning.

 Rubber dam make treatment safe, quality, ease and fast.

 Light curing unit for tooth colored composite fillings and dentin bonding.

 Rotary endodontic system for faster, comfortable, easier and successful Root Canal Treatment.

 Apex Locator to perform perfect Root Canal Treatment 

 EQ-V 3D Root Canal Obturation System for perfect root canal treatment

 Healix Bleaching light for faster and effective teeth whitening procedure

 W&H fiberoptic handpiece for better dentistry

 NSK mini handpiece for Children Dentistry

 Bioart Articulator and facebow for full mouth rehabilitation and smile design



Benefits at Our Clinic


For your teeth:

We believe that your own healthy teeth should last for your entire lifetime. We will discuss and recommend dental treatment for you keeping in mind the long-term benefits. We believe there are no short cuts to Quality Care. We are more keen on educating you about preventive dental care with the goal of helping you obtain and maintain a healthy mouth as quickly as possible. For whatever treatment is needed, the most advanced techniques and longest lasting dental materials will be used. We give enough time to every patient for treatment.


For your comfort:

Most people are apprehensive about dental visits. We ensure that your comfort is our top priority. Most importantly our operatories provide total privacy being individually located in separate rooms.


For your budget:

We will tell you in advance of the cost for your treatment and inform you of all treatment options available after your full mouth examination and investigation.


For your safety:

The practice is fully equipped with the latest autoclaves and sterilizers to ensure the safety of both patients and staff. For your protection from infection, we follow strict procedures of cleaning, disinfection, packaging, autoclaving/ steam sterilization, sterilizer monitoring and storage of all our instruments. All the instruments are autoclaved (steam sterilized) and pouched to prevent any handling contamination or disposable. All the sterilized instruments are opened in front of the patient only to assure them of the sterility of the instruments.


Excellence is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well. ~ John W. Gardner

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