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Tooth Whitening with LED Blue Light
A brighter smile can boost your self-esteem and help offset the effect food and aging have on the appearance of your teeth. If you have unsightly stains on your teeth, teeth whitening with LED blue light is the best answer, we have. 
Blue light is within the ultraviolet spectrum, similar to the light emitted by the sun. Studies show that blue light is an excellent activation agent for hydrogen peroxide, the cleaning agent in tooth whitening systems, giving your teeth a deeper clean in less time.
In order to obtain the best results for your smile, we use one of the tooth whitening treatments, the chairside Healix, whitening system, the leading in-office treatment for bleaching teeth. It is blue light LED (light emitting diode) technology.

Jamnagar dentist dr bharat katarmal dental clinic teeth whitening procedure

We us in-office bleaching, high concentration hydrogen peroxide (15%-40%) gel. It is widely used material because of these advantages: Minimally invasive, immediate visible results and no need of patient cooperation. Also, in-office whitening is the best for patients who need close monitoring for clinical conditions such as pronounced gingival recession or deep, unrestored abfraction lesions, and necessary for tooth discoloration associated with endodontic therapy.
HealixLED activation triggers a photo catalyst within the whitener that assists in breaking its hydrogen peroxide content down into its reactive components. This, in turn, speeds up the rate at which the tooth whitening process takes place (shorter appointments) and enhances the treatment's results (whiter teeth).
Note: Modern bleaching lights are not used for "thermal" activation of the whitener (heating it up so to increase its reactivity). Doing so can be harmful to teeth.

  Teeth are cleaned and polished with anti hypersensitive tooth flouride toothpaste.
  Great care is taken to isolate your mouth so only the teeth are exposed. We will apply gingival shield to protect soft tissue.
  Bleaching gel containing hydrogen peroxide is applied to your teeth.
  The activation lamp emits blue light that triggers the gel; the lamp doesn’t emit heat, meaning you won’t be made uncomfortable by a hot light from the procedure.
  The tooth whitening gel enters your enamel and lifts the stains.
  Everything is rinsed and removed, and you get to take a look at your new, white smile.
  Tooth whitening with Healix only takes about 1 hour, this cosmetic dentistry procedure can give your teeth a bright, healthy shine that can last for up to 5 to 7 years.

Please click on below picture  to see Teeth Whitening cases done at Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic Jamnagar.

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