Dental Implant in Jamnagar

Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic has been successfully doing Dental Implant Treatments for more than 10 years at Jamnagar, Gujarat. India.

Dental implants are today’s best replacement alternative to missing teeth in terms of form, function, and aesthetics. Implants are now used as routine treatment for an entire range of missing teeth problems from replacing a single tooth to full mouth fix teeth and even for retention of loose denture due to poor bone ridge.

Dental Implant Surgery is a highly skilled procedure and the success of this treatment lies in the expertise of the performing implantologist. Not every dentist has the experience of performing dental implant Surgery & management of potential complications that can occur during surgery.

Dr. Bharat Katarmal is Jamnagar’s leading and most experienced implantologist who certified in dental implants, have more than 8 years of experience in placing implants including complex Full Mouth Reconstructions. At our clinic, Implant treatment is a routine procedure.

He has kept himself updated with the latest in the field of implantology by participating in national and international seminar of various methodology of implant and has successfully placed hundreds of implants with a success ratio of 100%.

We use the highest standard and internationally acclaimed dental implant systems like Ankylos from Germany, Bio Horizon from USA, Nobel BioCare from Switzerland and Osstem from Korea etc.


Procedure of Implant Consultation At Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental & Implant Clinic Jamnagar

  • In the first implant consultation, we analyse the panoramic x-rays (OPG), CBCT and oral and general conditions to prepare options of treatment. The scan is used to analyse the quality & density of bone & also critical areas like the nerve & the sinus, damage to which can lead to complications.
  • The options are offered keeping in mind the clinical status and expectations of the patient.
  • A detailed model of your teeth is constructed. This helps us to clearly visualize your jaws and teeth and decide in advance which is the best treatment for you. The ideal position of the teeth to be replaced is also planned in advance.
  • Treatment options are offered to keep in mind the needs and expectations of the patient. Treatment plan includes the treatment estimate, treatment visits and time required at each step.
  • We understand your hesitation during the initial stages of implant consultation. We will explain each and every step of the procedure in advance.
  • Once, all the pros and cons of the treatment are discussed from the medical, practical & financial point of view, you are free to make the final decision.
  • Generally, implant consultation and planning of case take 2 visits.
  • We cover all kinds of advanced dental implants restorations
  • Our clinic has the best equipment available to make treatment convenient for you.
  • A support staff stays ready to assist you whenever you need.
  • Highly qualified dentist ensures the success of implant surgery.
  • We use the highest standard and internationally acclaimed dental implant


Following a systematic process of case study, we leave no chances of errors in implant therapy. You can expect a variety of benefits with our service:


If you want to know everything about dental implant, which are very common questions about dental implant, please visit our FAQ section of our website by clicking following link. 

Dental FAQ – All About Dental Implant

This is general information of dental implant treatment. You can call our dental clinic to schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Bharat Katarmal at any time to understand anything specific pertaining to your case.

Please click on below picture  to see Implant cases done at Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic Jamnagar.

ડેન્ટલ ઈમ્પ્લાન્ટ વિષે સંપૂર્ણ માહિતી ગુજરાતીમાં મેળવવા માટે ક્લિક કરો

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