How Much Do Dental Implants Cost at Jamnagar, Gujarat. India

Dental implants are not cheap but they are a good alternative to dentures or a bridge and they enjoy a high success rate. They also result in natural looking teeth that will last for years as well as improving individual self-confidence. The vast majority of patients report high satisfaction levels with their implants. A common question by some of the patient is “How much does a dental implant cost?”  The  answer: It depends. Costs of treatment do vary from case to case which is a result of the different fees charged by dentists which again depends on his expertise and experience, plus the type of implant used. If you require bone grafting because your jawbone is not deep or wide enough then this will increase the price even more.

dental implant cost at jamnagar, gujarat india

There are so many variables to consider that answering this over without clinical examination and investigation.  Some things to consider include:

  •  How many teeth are missing?
  • How long have the teeth been missing?

  • How many will be replaced?
  • Which type and company of implant?
  • Which type of the restoration fix or removable?
  • Which type of the material used in restoration?
  • What kind of provisional restoration will be used?
  • What kind of bone is present?
  • Are sinuses an issue?
  • How close are adjacent teeth?
  • Is the lower nerve in the way?
  • How thick and wide is the bone where the implant will go?
  • How soon must the treatment be done?

cost of dental implant at india

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