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With modern technology and quality dental treatment care, we work hard for your success at our Dental Clinic, are able to create beautiful smiles for you. Regardless of what dental issues you may have, we listen to your wants and needs to determine a solution. No challenge is too great. Here is what a few of our valued patients have to say about their experiences at our clinic.

Our goal is to give you outstanding results that you will brag about because our best new patients come from our current happy patients!

Below are unedited reviews that our real patients have submitted to us or submitted at google and facebook page. If you are a patient and want to say something about Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinicl, Add Your Review!

Dr Katarmal gave me my smile back. I was not doing open smile due to front teeth problem. Now I smile freely and happily. Clinic atmosphere is nice and Dr is friendly. Service is excellent. Dr dont only give treatment but also useful information about dentistry. Thanks a lot Dr Katarmal.
Dhiren Meshvaniya   Teacher

Being a doctor, I strongly believe that each and every Medical work including dentistry is an ART. it requires full dedication and gentle yet genuine approach.

Let me tell you friends, DR. BHARAT KATARMAL is having a MIDAS TOUCH in his work.

Due to his deep theoretical knowledge, perfect practical implement of the procedure, well equipped clinic with Latest & Most updated instruments, well trained, cultured and soft spoken staff, Highly Hygienic Clinic... DR. KATARMAL is doing MEGICAL work with all the dental procedures.

Moreover, he gives complete information about the disease or problem and counsel every aspect of the treatment.

His warm-friendly approach, cool & calm attitude makes patients relaxed by all means.

A BIG BIG BIG SALUTE & THANK YOU TO DR.BHARAT KATARMAL for providing such a great services with humanity.....i wish him all the very very very best.

Dr. Manoj Joshi   General Medical Practitioner, Poet

"Jamnagar is my home town. Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic is truly a wonderful clinic when it comes to treating your dental problems. The excellent quality of work, ambiance, latest technologies and the co-ordination of the staff is quite good. They provide quality treatment without compromising on ethics. I can say with confidence that you get the best treatment for any dental problem."
Amit Dave   Dubai

He is good doctor cum very good friend. Very nice and clean clinic with latest technology. Me and my family used to get quality treatment since last 10 years. He first explains the cause of tooth damage and then gives the suitable treatment. Best discipline I could see in his hospital.
Shailesh Oza   Reliance Industries

I have been visiting Dr Bharat Katarmal for the last 17 years. He is my family dental doctor. Dr Katarmal is a doctor with experience, expertise, passion, precision, ethics, values and systems. He is expert in diagnosis and provides high quality services at reasonable price. He is the most preferred dentist in Jamnagar, in fact in Jamnagar district.
Murthy Nelakanti   Essar Oil Limited

He is my family dentist since long. Positive calm and confident Dr with utmost skill and compassion. Expert in painless procedures. Excellent ambience of clinic. Soft music. Sheer hygiene. Touch of class in everything n everywhere. Kudos.
Dr. Darshan Dave   M.D. Radiologist

A high standard of hygiene and technics for dental treatment with skills at one place in jamnagar.....A hard working and well technics with high success rate in dental treatment. I know him as dentist since 2001, We had lots treatment from him all successful you are doing great doctor. ...
Sanjay Parsania   Reliance Industries

A blend of perfect professionalism and punctuality would be best coined for Dr. Bharat Katarmal. The personal approach with which he deals his patients is what brings out his uniqueness. A very kind gentle and always approachable attitude is what makes him popular among the people of Jamnagar. His gentle reminders before the appointments and for regular and timely check-up tops it all. A very supportive staff with the updated modern technology speaks volumes about his clinic. Thank You Dr. Bharat Katarmal Sir for treating me soooo well.
Anand Prajapati   Teacher

Dr. Bharat is my very close friend. I know him since last 24 years from high school days. He is perfectionist. He is doing everything in a very perfect way. He is very sincere. He believes in quality dental treatment of international standard at Jamnagar. He regularly attends conferences and workshops to keep knowledge updated. He regularly buys latest technology to enhance performance. I am manager at RIL Jamnagar. I have reffered so many my colleague who need help of dentist, they all satisfied with his services and results. No doubt, he is best dentist of the Jamnagar. I am proud of my friend. Wish all the best..
Ketan Dave   Reliance Industries

I never write reviews this is probably my first one I've ever wrote. I would recommend to anyone looking for a good dentist should try Dr. Katarmal. I had such a great experience. Dr. Katarmal is very honest, knowledgeable and a friendly dentist and does an amazing job. And His clinic staff is also very kind and welcoming. I am pleased with his service and friendly staff and I must say Dr. Katarmal Thank you for the excellent care you provide me n my family every time we visit..
Shah Dhruvi

Overall, My RCT and Crown on my painful decayed tooth was done very well before 8 years. I faced no issues during or after the treatment till now. Dr. Katarmal is excellent in his work. He is our like family dentist. My whole family my father,mother, brother, son have taken dental treatment with Dr.Bharat Katarmal.
Suryakant Jatania   Essar Oil Limited

Dr. Bharat Katarmal is well modern equipped clinic and combination of geniusness with human touch, I have visited with two patients ( My Mother & My Wife ) and all time I got right advice with human touch and love ........ Simply Marvelous.....
Sandip Jethwa   Essar Oil Limited

Dr Katarmal is a professional and knowledgeable individual with considerable experience. He is attentive and considerate and the entire family have no doubt in recommending his services. A sophisticated and clean practice with modern apparatus. Covers various treatments to a high standard. London patient.
Jeegar Dodhia   London

I met Dr Bharat in year 2012 as one of my molar teeth was troubling me for long time. While i was sailing, in USA, a dentist applied silver amalgam to fill cavity long time before with clear instruction that at first opportunity go for root canal. I eventually landed at Dr Bharat clinic almost after a decade when situation was really bad and painful. The way he treated at such a reasonable cost was remarkable. Professionally I consider him one of the Best in Jamnagar and surrounding area. The best part is that he never discontinued the relationship and till now sends greetings, shares lots of information regarding dental care etc on FB, tells a lot about his character and his public relation (PR) with personal touch.
Ajay Jha   Marine pilot Reliance Jamnagar

The atmosphere at clinic itself give u calmly feelings. And the soft music in sir's cabin itself relieves half of your pain. And in addition to this when Bharat sir's skill full hand comes into action you could only wonder when was the procedure completed. In total the best dental clinic with excellent treatment.
Hitesh Jani   Assistant Professor, M.P.Shah Medical College

It has been a very good experience to take my dental treatment from Dr.Bharat Katarmal's clinic. The excellent quality of work, cleanliness, latest technologies, and the co-operation of the staff is quite good. The use of technology to book the appointment and to get a reminder on phone from the clinic on the day of the appointment was something which I haven’t seen at any other clinics. I am very happy and would like to thank Dr. Bharat Katarmal for my new smile.
Sunil Joisar 

One of d best doctor & hospital of gujarat. In jamnagar it's on 1st no.
Vimal Kagathara   Principal, Sunshine Science School

I took my cousin, who had come from Australia for a root canal treatment. she was given opinion every where that the tooth could not be saved but Dr. Bharat did it successfully and she was so much satisfied with the given treatment. Thank you Dr.Bharat.
Dhaval Mehta   Assistant Professor, M.P.Shah Medical College

It was my best experience in Dr. Bharat Katarmal's Dentle clinic.
He did excellent treatment of my father's teeth. Dr.Bharat Katarmal's Dentle clinic is one of the BEST CLINIC In jamnagar and its surrounding area. i mark that he believe in perfaction. Clinic staff is also caring. He work with modern technology and latest machines..Also he has big experience in dental treatment.

Mitu Patel

Best dentist in Jamnagar. Very efficient treatment planning. I was suffering from gum problems and taken throughly treatment for that with Dr. Bharat Katarmal before 5 years. He has done gum surgery and bone grafting for me. Whenever I visit india from UK , I like to see Dr. Bharat Katarmal for follow up and maintenance treatment. He is very kind and expert in his profession. The great thing is very neat and clean clinic and latest instruments comparable to UK dental clinic and about charges, charges are less than a quarter of the price in UK. Charges is not a issue, but the quality of dental treatment is excellent.
J T   London

Any review we give to this clinic is less to what high standard it stands to, the accuracy and its high standard has took this clinic to heights, the quality, latest high technology, and the ambient atmosphere inside makes a patient forget all fears of pain. Dr. Bharat uncle is the coruscating gem of the dental industry. The most important thing that I could see in the clinic is its hygiene that all the staff and doctor maintains inside it. I could never see a single particle of dust or any other dirty things inside. The equipments well sterilised, the peppy music inside the clinic makes you very comfortable. The doctor as well as staff members are very humble, very caring and very munificent. The doctor prowess every single thing he does. I would say éclat to his achievement. Dr. Bharat uncle is a martinet in his profession which is perfect. I would suggest doctor to take this clinic at an international level
Kevin Bakrania  

Excellent ttreatment at Dr.Bharat Katarmal Dental clinic. I know him since last 10 years. Very much caring and concerned about patients pain and problems. The clinic is well equipped with modern instrument, extremely reliable and affordable. my whole family have taken dental treatment with Dr.Katarmal.
Mahesh Pansuriya 

I was suffering severe pain and sensitivity in my tooth and I was unable to eat anything and even I can’t sleep at night, was horrible experience. But after taking root canal treatment with Dr. Bharat Katarmal, my pain was gone, feeling much better, I don’t have any dental problem till date. Dr. Katarmal is simply awesome.
Saloni Chauhan  

Excellent Treatment at Dr. Katarmal Dental Clinic. Very much caring and concerned about patient's pain and problems. Not to quick to give a fast treatment. Perfect in diagnosis and treatment plan. Treating the underlying cause instead of masking symptoms. Highly appreciated.
Kirit Parecha 

It was my first time at Dr Bharat katarmal dental clinic. I have done my root canal treatment here, and i would highly recommend this clinic.The treatment given by Katarmal sir was really great. I never had any kind of pain during the treatment or after the treatment.In fact this was my first time at any dental clinic, and i made really right decision.Really satisfied with the behavior of the staff and timing management.
Marmik Acharya 

Whenever I go to his clinic, I have a great experience. The staff and doctors are so helpful and they are always friendly. Dr. Bharat Katarmal is without a doubt the best dentist of Jamnagar. His knowledge, attitude and expertise are truly amazing.
Maulik Joshi  

I am patient here for last 10 years and I am writing this review because I have taken extensive treatment with Dr. Katarmal. His level of work is outstanding. Dr. Katarmal and his staff are very friendly and caring every time. I recommend them highly. If you are looking for a new dentist you must visit there.
Manish Doshi  

I want to take the opportunity to thank Dr. Bharat Katarmal, his associate dentist and staff for their outstanding dental care for my little 7 years son. My son received excellent care and treatment for his teeth. I heartily express my thanks to the staff for their awasome work. Thank You.
Alpesh Bhanderi   Teacher

Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Centre is a clinic with amazing facilities and state-of-the-art treatment. I visited them for root canal treatment. Before the treatment, I was explained about the treatment and dental care. The quality of service is quite excellent and the staff is very friendly. The clinic is well-equipped with modern instruments, extremely reliable and affordable. Thanks Dr. Katarmal, I have lost my phobia of visiting a dentist.
Snehal Sanghvi 

Our family doctor.No.1 dentist clinic in jamnagar & gujarat ever. Most intelligent & talented doctor i have ever seen
Poonam Joshi  

Dr. Bharatsir has excellence in his work alongwith a jovial nature which aids in reducing patients' fear for a dental procedure..its worth for every penny spend at Dr Bharatsir's clinic..most recommended.
Bindi Mange   Physiotherapist

Great doctor and clinic with unexpected sterilization. I appreciate appointment system they maintain and also appreciate their way of consulting. Doctor first tell you about general thing about dentistry, then he come to my treatment, explained everything about treatment like cost, number of visits and time duration of treatment. They play music while getting treatment. It was making me relax and make my visit very comfortable. I highly recommend this clinic. Thanks to one of my relative, who recommend Dr. Bharat Katarmal.
Hari Trivedi 

1.     Pleasing Environment
2.     Highly co-operative staff
3.     Absolute sterilization of instruments
4.     Affordable fees
5.     Painless treatment
6.     Prior appointment and reminder
7.     Well equipped clinic

Everything is perfect even in small things. It’s amazing.

Satish Gori  

I was searching for good dentists at Jamnagar city. A friend of mine suggested Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental care centre as he had taken fix teeth treatment there & was happy with the results, services and approach. The clinic is situated at prime location of city and very easy to navigate. He is very perfect in his work. In short, extremely satisfying experience & would love to recommend Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental clinic to others in future.
Hemen Doshi  

Friends, I am new to Jamnagar and don’t know where and how to find best dentist at Jamnagar. But luckily I searched on Google and found very positive review about this clinic. I decided to go with it. It was a great experience to me and my mother, totally painless dental treatment and very professional and genuine quality service provider. Thank you all reviewer of this clinic, I have very good dentist.
Akshay Bhanushali   

A very skilled and genius dentist. Background music is helpful to relieve the pain of procedure. A good experience with Dr. Bharat Katarmal. Thank you sir.
Krishna Bheda  

Nice dental treatment and nice counseling and guidance too
Dr Keshur Karmur   Assistant Professor, M.P.Shah Medical College

This is the place where you can get the best solution to your any problem regarding teeth.
Samir Sarda   Police Inspector

We have years of experience with Dr. Bharat Katarmal. He is extremely knowledgeable, precise, and applies the most advanced state of the art dental technologies. He is our family dentist and friend. We always ready to recommend Dr. Bharat Katarmal to anybody who is in need of a dentist.
Paresh Chandaria

Very proper and prompt treatment with full satisfaction. Transparent and understandable consultancy with clear and to the point solutions. Trustworthy and professional advisory.
Samir Dave   Reliance

"The Doctor and entire staff are always very friendly and professional! Absolutely love them all!!!!
Very quick. I was glad to be able to get in right away. I would come back, if needed, in the future.
And specially background music.

Just awesome.

Jigar Gori 

He is very caring doctor ....i hv been going since last 6 yrs....it was very good n trustable experince....coz teeth related problems are very serious n all parts of our mouth should be operated very genttaly... n it was don by dr BHARAT veryyy swiftly....his treatment never be Too much painful.....n last but not the list his CHARGES are very reasonable as per other dentist charge.....so as per my view point...dr bharta katarmal is best dentisttt
Jay Daudia   


                                                                                         Rajesh Poonater   Industrialist

A very experienced and caring Doctor. Doing his job with perfection in good hygeinic clinic with soothing background soft music. I will give 10 out 10 to Dr. Bharat sir. It was really worth to be treated by Dr. Bharat sir
Dinesh Bheda  

As dentist Dr. Bharat Katarmal done very perfect work.. use best material.. his is full dedicated to ward his patients satisfaction.
Kaushal Mehta   

A very gentle and experienced doctor.. The perfect ambience with soft music in background... Above all a very hygienic dental clinic...
Ketan Bhanushali 

Dr. Bharat Katarmal is a great doctor who listens to the patient and takes care with great attention.
Kamlesh Mengar   Teacher

The doctor is talented and experienced. The clinic is neat and clean. Apart from giving treatment the doctor also explained about the cause of the disease. The staff is polite and friendly. Overall it was a great experience!
Rutvik sutaria 

I had a good experience so I recommend everyone Dr.Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic for dental probs. Dr. Katarmal gives sufficient time to patients and treats really well.
Ghanshyam Patel

My mom was looking for the best dentist and we found through internet about this dental clinic. We met Dr. Bharat and my mom felt confident for her denture fixation. She is fully satisfied now, that I can make out from her cute smile. My mom felt as if her son is treating her. Thank you Doctor. We need doctors like you in our society. Your service is really a commendable one. All the best Doctor continue serving our society.
Meha Doshi

Dr. Katarmal is one of the BEST dentist in the entire jamnagar.
I have been treated by them since 2005.
THANKS A million doctor katarmal.
Dipak Chandaria

One of the best dentist In Jamnagar. Taken service of root canal treatment. Perfectly done in just one visit. No pain. Amazing service. Thanks to Dr. Katarmal.

Rajesh Shah 

Had a severe tooth ache and searched google for a dentist near me and then found this clinic. The reviews were good so visited this clinic before 1month. had my wisdom tooth removed. I am feeling ok there afterwards.
Jyotika Malde   

At this dental clinic makes you feel completely comfortable. One of the finest and experienced dentist in Jamnagar with the best dental facilities one could think of.
My experience is amazing, totally pain free , the treatment is extremely professional along with the personal warmth and care.

Keep up the good work and keep spreading smiles.

Best of luck.
Vimal Patel  

About his practice, his clinic is very neat and pleasant, equipped with latest technology, the staff is very friendly and in general was a great experience.
Absolutely recommended for all you people looking for good dental treatment in Jamnagar.
Mita Vyas  

Dr. Katarmal is a very pleasant person to work with, with lots of experience and clinical acumen. He delivered what he promised. In fact, going above and beyond will be better wording to describe him. Very thorough and professional.

I and my wife have been comming to Dr. Katarmal regularly from past 14 years. Very happy.  Highly recommended. Best doctors in Jamnagar....
Rohit Dodhia 

Visited the clinic during this covid times for my tooth ache problem, the clinic maintains all safety standards as per covid guidelines. one of the best clinic in Jamnagar.
Kamlesh Jani

5 star,.had a wonderful experience...i could not find a better one than Dr. Bharat Katarmal. The clinic itself is very clean with great standard.. Highly recommended.. Top dentist in Jamnagar So far...
Mansi Mistry 

Treatment performed by Dr. Bharat Katarmal is best, with the use of advanced technologies. Doctor and his staff as well takes good care of not only patient's dental problems but also the time.

To me time is the money value and to all it should be, here at Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental & Implant Clinic, patient's waiting time is almost nil and they strictly follow scheduled appointment. Really best.

I had undergone 3-4 treatments:
1. Teeth extraction
2. Re-RCT & Re Crown
3. Cleanup

From the above treatments of mine I was best satisfied in all. Whereas I would suggest the doctor to improvise in treatments done by assistant doctors or trainees.

Also the clinic is very neat and clean at all the time in day when I visited.

I would like to add that Dr. Bharat Katarmal is very experienced and always keeps himself as well as patients updated in all upcoming advancements in dental treatment field.
Gaurav Shah

Best Dental Clinic for all your needs. Doctor Katarmal is so humble and kind. They suggest you all the options for treatment you have to choose which suits you. I have came across this clinic through Google I was worried about my tooth but after visited their clinic all my worries vanished. They treated so well I am fully satisfied with work done by them. Clinic is also beautiful and you don't need to worry about safety precautions they are doing so well. Thank you so much Dr. Katarmal.
Jay Oza

Great friendly nature and always a great experience . I have been coming here for years. They offer a high level of care and never push for unnecessary treatments.
Excellent service and pain free dental work. Many Thanks!!!
Bhavya Shah

First time experience and very friendly staff in a very nice,clean and relaxing environment . A painless and very professional experience. Many thanks!!
Amit Shah

Fully satisfied with Dr. Bharat's service,
Got my mom's denture done from them, so far no issue. Thank you Dr. Bharat katarmal

Smit Bhanushali

Undoubtedly the best place for dental treatments.
Highly skillful doctor with highly advanced equipments and facilities.
Dr. Bharat Katarmal has this 'Dental Vibe' that you will not feel pain during treatments.
Friendly Approach. Highly Recommended.

For a while I avoided visiting a dentist due to the fear I had, but I'm glad I came to Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic. All the staff are super nice and friendly, and Dr. Katarmal is extremely supportive. Not only do I now have a better smile, I don't worry one bit when visiting the dentists so a complete win win situation. Many thanks!
Vidhi Shah

Undoubtedly the best place for dental treatment.The treatment were the best . Me and my daughter had a very highly satisfying treatment.The treatments were painless and done in a friendly atmosphere.
Shamim Kureshi

I love my smile now! I no longer feel like I need to hide my teeth. I can smile confidently now! My experience with Dr. Katarmal was great!
Mittal Bhanushali

I was so confused when i was come to dr bharat with my painful teeth but after proper check up with advance equipments i feel i am at right place and dr give their full time with cooperative staff & peaceful environment for diagnosis and treatment . I really highly recommend patients to consult dr bharat for any type of dental problems he is best and holistic.
Lalit Padaria

Highest Recommendation to Dr. Bharat Katarmal, Jamnagar
From my very first visit at the office, I was made to feel welcome and comfortable both by the friendly competence of the staff and the pleasant environment of the office itself. Dr. Katarmal inspires the utmost confidence by his smile which is so wide that it seems apt to describe it as extending "from sea to shining sea" and by his wealth of knowledge, skill, and professionalism. Kudos and the highest recommendation to Dr. Katarmal.

Meera Bhanushali

I am moving the world and visited many places. I have also visited many hospitals.. dentist , homeopathy doctors for me or for my friends. I remembered Dr. Bharat Katarmal only because i understand how much care with passion , he is taking for his patient. After longtime when i contacted him, Dr. B.K has not only remembered me bu he told me what treatment he has given me. ( Its after the 11-12 yrs long period). It showes his dedication towards his patient. However, I am not his patient only, I am his friend's friend but it doesn't make any difference. He is very serious about every treatment of his patient that is big difference. Otherwise , any doctor have many patient, he can take it professionaly but Dr. Bharat Katarmal is giving personnel touch to every patient.
Thank you doctor for your kind nature and humblness with the patient...

Arvind Kachhadia

He is a very talented and caring dentist. He is kind hearted and very helping by nature. A wonderful human being.
Sangita Barot

I am patient at Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental clinic, I think , more than 15 years. I was suffering from severe gum problems since many months. My all gums were swollen and bleeding during brushing. On my first appointment he examined my all teeth thoroughly and advised cleaning of teeth. He did my treatment absolutely painless and comfortable. He explained me how to brush ideally so that I keep my teeth healthy thought life. The brushing technique , he thought me work wonderful for me. After that I have no issues with my teeth. Truly wonderful. They're compassionate and dedicated to my outcome. I won't need to see anyone else. Dr. Katarmal is truly knowledgeable up to date and dedicated for his work..
Vasant Gori

I have so much pain in my teeth,

But after meeting with Dr. Bharatbhai Katarmal

I have completely pain less

& Also pain less treatment

I am fully satisfied with Dr. Bharatbhai Katarmal's treatment

Dipesh Bharad

Highly Advanced Clinic with all types of Equipments and best facilities given by the sir and whole staff members and very nice job by sir .
Thx & Regards 

Parth Limbasia


Dr.Bharat Katarmal.....Name itself suggests "BHARAT" means..we all know...a wholesome Hindustan..everything in one place...

When I visited Dr.Bharat Katarmal for my Rootcanal treatment and capping, being a mumbaitees, we always underestimate Jamnagar Doctor, but that impression wiped out from my mind after seeing his clinic.

Beautiful, extremely clean, international standard equipments, very well behaved staff, excellent assistant Dr. I remember name Dr.Sonali Parmar and above all when their head Doctor Mr. Bharat Katarmal, well cultured and well behaved, carrying updated knowledge in dental treatment, then what to say about the treatment...NO DOUBTS AT ALL.

Dr. Bharat Katarmal's right advises always saves the patient from the undue and unwanted Medical expenses. When he advises gives patient full relief from his or her toothache and go with smile .

I have not seen such a wonderful Dr. in Mumbai
Ketan Shah

I had a toothache during this corona time and I was searching for a good dental clinic in Jamnagar that maintains cleanliness and follow all precautions. Then I found out this clinic on google search and the reviews were good so I visited after taking appointment for my treatment. It really is a very good dental clinic and taking very good care of patients against corona. The doctor is very professional and experienced.
Hitesh Malde

I've been coming to Dr. Katarmal regularly from past 4 years.Visited clinic during this chaos for my teeth cleaning and for other treatment,clinic maintains all safety standard. And also Dr. Katarmal has tremendous work experinece.One of the finest dentist i've ever seen.Highly recommanded..
Riya Vyas

I've always hated going to the dentist, but since I've been seeing Dr. Katarmal for the last six years, my opinion has changed. The staff is very friendly and caring - specializing in NO PAIN! (my favorite part) I highly recommend Dr. Katarmal to all my friends, family, and co-workers!
Hemant Gajra


I am very happy with the work that was done on my teeth and my wife teeth, I also must mention how clean their equipment is, and how nice and professional the Dentist, and the dental assistant were when it came to treating me. They really make you feel like they care, and they really do care how your feeling. I'm a very happy person, thanks.
Narendra Amipara

My experience with Dr. Katarmal is ineffable. I visited Dr. Katarmal’s clinic for pain in my tooth for which he suggested me RCT. I had previously undergone root canal at my native, but one thing that was different at Dr. Katarmal was use of rubber dam while doing RCT. It made the entire procedure very comfortable for me. Thank you doctor for providing me relaxing dental treatment. I highly recommend dr, Bharat Katarmal for any of your dental problems.

Upasna Sutaria

Our experience at Dr. Bharat Katarmal's clinic for dental treatment for my wife has been exceptionally good. She underwent Root Canal and fixing of Crown on the tooth. It took us just 3 visits after the initial consultation to complete the fixing of crown. All charges were transparently explained to us during first consultation. His single visit Root Canal treatment is to be experienced to believe it. The treatment for my wife was almost painless and with minimum discomfort. The Air conditioner is kept in full swing and soulful music playing from his personal favourites would make any patient immediately at ease.

Now about Dr. Bharat Katarmal himself. He is extremely skilled and professional. He is also very humble and a nice person. I would always find a few Dentistry students training under him at his clinic.

Having undergone dental treatment twice in Mumbai and South Korea, I highly recommend him as one of the best Dentists not just in Jamnagar or India but I am sure across the world.
Santosh Upadhyay


I had a toothache during this corona time and I was searching for a good dental clinic in Jamnagar that maintains cleanliness and follow all precautions. Then I found out this clinic on google search and the reviews were good so I visited after taking appointment for my treatment. It really is a very good dental clinic and taking very good care of patients against corona. The doctor is very professional and experienced.
Hitesh Malde

હું પારૂલ શાહ(48) મુંબઈ માં રહું છું... ડૉ. ભરત કટારમલ અને તેમના ક્લિનીક વિશેનો મારો અનુભવ કહું એ પહેલા હું મારી વાત કરીશ. ડહાપણની (અક્કલની) દાઢ આવે એટલે અક્કલ કે ડહાપણ તો ન આવે પણ દુ:ખાવો અને હેરાનગતી જરૂર આવે છે... આજથી લગભગ 35 વર્ષ પહેલા મને પણ બે ડહાપણ દાઢ આવી ત્યાર થી વરસમાં 2-3 વાર સખત દુ:ખાવો થતો પણ.... સૌથી મોટી સમસ્યા શું હતી ખબર છે... ડૅન્ટીસ્ટ પાસે જવાનો ડર... પછી ઈલાજ ન કરાવવાથી સમસ્યા વધી ગઇ..અને આખરે મુંબઈમાં બે વર્ષ પહેલા ડૅન્ટીસ્ટની મુલાકાત લેવી જ પડી... ખબર પડી કે હવે બન્ને દાઢ કાઢવી જ પડશે...પણ પછી હું જામનગર મારા પિયર ગઈ ત્યારે મારા ઘરમાં થી બધાએ કહ્યું કે ડૉ.ભરત કટારમલને બતાવી જો...ડૉ.કટારમલ ની ક્લિનીક જોઈને જ મનમાં જ બોલાઇ ગયું વાહ શું ક્લિનીક છે...શું ચોખ્ખાઇ છે અને ઈન્ટરનેશનલ કક્ષાના સાધનો,સાથી ડૉકટર અને સ્ટાફ... ડૉ.કટારમલે દાઢ તપાસી કહ્યુકે દાઢ તો કાઢવી જ પડશે પણ હું અને મારો ડર... ડૉકટરે કહ્યુ કાંઇ ડરવા જેવું નથી હું તમારા ભાઈ જેવો બેઠો છું ને મારી બહેનને થોડી જ તકલીફ પડશે વધારે કંઇ નહી થાય... આવી જાવ કાલે... અને બીજા દિવસે નાની સર્જરી કરીને બન્ને દાઢ કાઢી નાખી અને 10-15 દિવસમાં તો બધું સરસ થઇ ગયું... દાઢ,દુ:ખાવો અને ડર ગાયબ... ડૉકટરની ફી પણ રીઝનેબલ... અને ટ્રીટમેન્ટ તો જોરદાર... ડૉ.ભરત કટારમલ નો ખુબ ખુબ આભાર... Thank you for best treatment with reasonable fees... Dr. Bharat Katarmal is the Best dentist... And best person too
                                                                                                   Parul Shah                  
One of those rare dental clinics , which follows world class practices and is accredited by the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.Special precautions like temperature check, hand sanitizers were taken in my recent visit during the covid 19 pandemic.
I visited the clinic for an implant procedure which was carried out very professionally.

Overall, I am very impressed and satisfied with the services I was provided with.

Parth Nanda

This is one of a very good dental clinic I have come across. I was referred to this place by someone who had have got his treatment here, and he was right. The doctors here are thorough professionals and know their job. Highly recommended for all your dental treatments.

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