Porcelain-Fused-To-Metal (PFM) Crown And Bridge


Porcelain fused to metal restoration is more affordable than all ceramic and zirconia restoration. Even though they are not as aesthetic as porcelain crowns they are still a good choice for back teeth restoration.

PFM crown and bridge

Porcelain fused metal or PFMs as they are commonly referred to, consist of a layer of metal alloy at the base topped by porcelain. They are a hybrid between porcelain and metal crowns. The entire crown has a metal layer underlying and porcelain / ceramic on top of it. These are among the popular choices for dental restorations such as crowns or bridges. Within this category of crowns, further choice still exists catering to the budget and requirements of the patient.


While the reliability and durability of PFMs are beyond question, there is some limitation of PFM restoration. It can be difficult to create highly esthetic restorations because of the metal framework. The metal framework must be masked with opaquer and may remain slightly visible even after layering with porcelain. This opaquer also prevents light from passing through the restoration as it would with a natural tooth.

black line of pfm dental crown after gum recession

Another potential problem with PFM restorations is black line after gum recession. Over time, as gum tissue recedes, the metal margin of the PFM is exposed, creating a grayish colored line that isn’t esthetically pleasing. This black line problem is not seen with metal free all ceramic or zirconia restorations.

The PFM crown is material of choice for crown and long span bridge for back teeth.

Types Of Porcelain Fused To Metal Crowns And Bridge

The metal framework is a combination of different types of alloys. The type of framework is one of the factors which decide the price of your porcelain fused to metal crown. The method of making metal framework is another factor which decides the price of PFM restoration. The metal framework of PFM can be design by CAD  or hand made wax pattern and fabricated by  CAD technologyDMLS PFM (Direct Metal Laser Sintering System) or hand-made.

According to method of fabrication of metal framework, type of alloy, following are types of restoration of Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM).

We have discontinued fabrication of crown and bridge work by conventional casting technology from 2022

To know more details about various crown and bridge of various types according to process of manufacture, material and brand, click below link….

Metal Free All-Ceramic or All-Porcelain


Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM)

Full Metal

*What is not covered under warranty?

•           Repairs resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of the supportive tooth or tissue structures, improper dental hygiene, or improper adjustments.

•           The patient must adhere to a semi-annual dental maintenance (cleaning and exam program)

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