One Visit Endodontic Root Canal Treatment

There is no need to visit multiple times in Root Canal Treatment. Single sitting root canal treatment is a new advance treatment method in dentistry, in which root canal treatment is absolutely painless and done in single visit.
sinlge visit RCT at dr. bharat katarmal dental clinic

One visit Root Canal treatment is done to avoid multiple injections & visits, thus reducing the patient fear and total time spend by patient.

In sort, it is extremely comfortable & less time consuming are the main advantage.

Comfort and success of root canal treatment in single sitting completely depend upon latest equipment, extensive experience, knowledge and skill of the dentist.

At Dr.Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic we perform the entire root canal treatment in a single sitting with the use of latest computerized digital technology x-ray (RVG), various endodontic instrument system like protaper, hero shaper, v-taper, hyflex, Mtwo, and NSK endo hand piece (Endomotor), 3DObturation SystemRoot Zedex Electronic apexpulp locater necessary for perfect root canal treatment.

Why Root Canal Treatment at Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic
  Previously, rct was considered to be painful. But now days, with revolutionary changes in concepts, it is considered as a routine & painless procedure and done in only one visit.
  Generally completed in a single sitting of 1 to 2 hour. Multiples root canals can be performed in a single sitting.
  All single sitting root canals are done in our clinic by Dr Bharat Katarmal, is 18 years of vast experienced. He use Computer guided technique & state of art high tech equipments like rotary endodontics, protaper system, Apex locator , Radiovisuography (RVG).
  We performed all root canal under strict sterilization protocol. We use rubber dam in every case of Root Canal Treatment.

Condition in which Root Canal Treatment is possible in single sitting
  Patient with complain with pain without swelling.
  Dentalcaries is spreading towards the (nerve) pulp of tooth.
  A traumatized front tooth (injured tooth) with exposure of pulp.
  A severe sensitivity of the teeth which make impossible for the patient to consume hot or cold liquid and even food items.
  Acute infection with no pus accumulation in & around the tooth.
  Non- Vital Tooth.
  Previous accidental traumatized history, particular front teeth.

Advantages of single sitting root canal procedure
  Completely painless procedure done under local anaesthesia
  Reducing the patient fear
  Less traumatic for the patient
  Overall less time consuming for patients and dentist also
  Avoid multiple injections
  Avoid multiple visits.
  Affordable and Cost Effective

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