Removable Cast Partial Denture

When only a few teeth are missing, the first choice of most of the patients would be fixed teeth(bridge or implant). Unfortunately, bridge or implants are not solutions for all cases, as bridges require abutments (teeth present on both end) and implants require sufficient quality and quantity of bone to place implant, which are not fulfilled in some cases. Bridge can replace only limited number of teeth. Replacing too many lost teeth with a bridge would place tremendous unhealthy force on the remaining teeth. So for that case, a cast partial removable denture would be the ideal solution.

removable cast paritial denture to replace missing natural teeth.
Removable cast partial denture

The removable partial denture can be placed and removed by the patient and can be made to replace many missing teeth.
A removable cast partial denture is useful for a person missing some teeth, but still having a number of natural teeth.
This device is also called a removable dental prosthesis, and is a means by which artificial replacement teeth are held in the mouth. The dental prosthesis is commonly kept in place by means of clasps. These are thin finger like structure, usually made of a special resilient metal alloy or sometimes plastic, that rest upon and wrap around some remaining natural teeth. Clasps keep the prosthesis securely in place but still allow a person to easily take it out for regular cleaning and proper brushing of remaining natural teeth.

Some reasons for having a partial denture made
 Replace missing teeth
Improve ability to chew more naturally
Chew food with confidence
Make it possible to eat certain favorite foods
Maintain a healthier and socially acceptable mouth
Aids in the preservation of remaining natural teeth
Help prevent or treat problems of the TMJ
Often improve speech
Helps develop a more pleasing and confident smile
Support the face, often with a more youthful appearance
Enhance self esteem
An economical way to replace missing teeth
Partial dentures are usually easy to repair if they are broken
Esthetics and the conventional partial denture

Generally, clasp design is reasonably esthetic, and often it is possible for them not to be seen. However, depending upon partial denture design, which is based on mouth conditions, there may be some show of clasps. Often this is not an appearance problem. However, if avoiding an unacceptable show of clasps would compromise optimal partial denture design, various special attachments may sometimes be employed to do away with conventional clasps. These attachments are more technically complex and often are referred to as precision or semi-precision attachments.

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