Wisdom Tooth Removal at Jamnagar

Wisdom Tooth Removal Is Not Painful Any More

Our Highly Experience Oral And Maxilo-Facial Surgeon of Jamnagar Perform Wisdom Tooth Removal With Utmost Sensitivity And Care



Dr. Bharat Katarmal and his Oral and maxillofacial surgeons associates are proud to offer wisdom tooth surgeries at our Jamnagar’s best dental clinic Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental and Implant center. Dr Bharat Katarmal has team of the best dental surgeon in Jamnagar, Gujarat providing all dental surgeries under one roof.

Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic is fully equipped to do any major dental procedures on location, including wisdom teeth.

wisdom tooth removal procedures at Jamnagar


Before further reading, please read FAQ section of wisdom tooth.


Procedures of Wisdom Tooth Problem

When you come to us with the complaint of wisdom tooth problem, we will take detailed history about your concerned complaint, about your dental and general medical history and may take x-ray (OPG) to diagnose the need of their removal. If you have already have x-ray, please bring it, in case of referred case or second opinion. So that we need not to take another set of x-ray. This x-ray gives a clear view of the area around the wisdom teeth, to determine the type of extraction necessary for each tooth. If you require surgery to remove your wisdom teeth, it is helpful to prepare yourself before your appointment.


After examination of clinical condition and x-ray, if we think there is sufficient space to accommodate wisdom tooth and there is no need of removal of wisdom tooth, medicines (Antibiotics, Analgesics and antiseptic mouthwash) and oral hygiene tips are advised. It is not necessary to remove wisdom tooth in every cases. Many times it happens, gum sore occur during initial period of eruption of wisdom tooth for few day only, after that it will become normal without removal of wisdom tooth. So in sort don’t panic in case of wisdom tooth pain. Don’t imagine that wisdom tooth pain, it has to be removed. Take appointment and get genuine advice. We advise removal of wisdom tooth in case of strong reasons only.


If you are considering or are advised wisdom tooth removal, then give us a call for consultation appointment. We can make very informed decisions because of the technology and expertise we have here at Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental clinic, Jamnagar.


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