Dental OPG Machine

OPG, Orthopentomogram  also known as Panoramic Radiography or Rotational Radiography. It produces a single image of the facial structures including both upper and lower jaws with their supporting structures including all teeth in one film only. So it is commonly used in routine dental check up to diagnose dental problems like dental caries, pyorrhea and wisdom teethWe use Kodak 8100 OPG machine.

opg machine and patient at jamnagar with opg machine for diagnosis

Advantages :
  It cover broad anatomic region in one file only
  It has low radiation dose.
  It is convenient, easy and fast. The entire procedure takes 14 seconds exposure time.
  Procedure can be performed on patients who cannot open their mouth, specially restricted mouth opening and traumatic patient.
  Easy for edentulous patients, and  patient who do not tolerate, feeling  gagging  with intraoral film, OPG is best alternate option. OPG is very convenient for patient.
  Patients with multiple tooth / Oral pathology like dental caries, pyorrhea, wisdom teeth,
  No overlapping of facial bones.

Indications :
  To plan implant procedure.
  To plan orthodontic treatment.
  To plan full mouth rehabilitation.
  Evaluation of trauma, thirdmolar, extensive pathology.
  Evaluation of tooth development especially mixed dentition analysis.
  Evaluation of developmental anomlies like cleft palate.
  Minimal fluid in maxillary sinus can be caught in his X-ray.
  Temporo mandibular joint pathology, dislocation or fractures can be clearly visualized without overlap.
  Styloid process visualization is very easily achieved.
  Multiple dental/oral problems caused by tobacco/Pan masala chewing in elders & Dental Caries in children are caught by a single X-ray.
  Gross localization of Nasal Cavity/Ethomodial sinus/Maxillary sinus tumors & other pathology can be done at a very low price compared to the CT/MRI.

OPG is very useful for following faculties:
  Fascio Maxillary Surgery
  Plastic Surgery
  Cancer Surgery
  Orthopaedic Surgery
  ENT Surgery
  Nursing Home Dealing in Trauma.

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