Conventional Casting Full Metal Crown And Bridge


This is cheapest in all crowns and bridges, if it is made by conventional hand-made method. This type of restoration is fabricated entirely out of metal. The metal restoration has a silver color.  Metals used in crowns and bridges are base-metal alloy (nickel or chromium).  The full metal restoration fabrication are done by conventional hand-made casting or CAD-CAM technology or DMLS technology.

full metal crown

Advantages Of Full Metal Crowns And Bridges

  • Full metal crown has great strength, rarely break and lasting more time.
  • It require less tooth grinding.

Disadvantage Of Full Metal Crown And Bridges

  • This type of crown has metallic silver look. If you don't mind the fact that it's not tooth-colored, full metal crown is a good choice for back teeth for low budget.
  • If it is made by conventional hand-made casting method, there are chances of casting errors like porosity, metal shrinkage after casting, voids and sometimes errors may be due to improper wax pattern handling.
  • The casting error like porosity and voids are result in deficiency in properties of metal compromised the strength of dental restoration.
  • The metal shrinkage after casting result in improper fit of crown over model, then crown to seat crown on model, the inner fitting surface is grinded, result in improper fit of crown, marginal integrity compromised, result in leakage near margin, leads to secondary dental caries.
  • The casting errors are biggest disadvantages of conventional hand-made restoration. The latest CAD-CAM technology in dentistry or DMLS technology is free of such casting errors, guaranteed perfect fit and marginal integrity and solid strength and fast in time.

We have discontinued fabrication of crown and bridge work by conventional casting technology from 2022


To know more details about various crown and bridge of various types according to process of manufacture, material and brand, click below link….

Metal Free All-Ceramic or All-Porcelain


Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal (PFM)

Full Metal

*What is not covered under warranty?

•           Repairs resulting from accident, neglect, abuse, failure of the supportive tooth or tissue structures, improper dental hygiene, or improper adjustments.

•           The patient must adhere to a semi-annual dental maintenance (cleaning and exam program)

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