Can Missing Teeth Affect Psychological Health?


hiding smile due to tooth loss

A smile is one of the defining features of many individuals. Studies show that it is also one of the most memorable characteristics that someone will remember after meeting you. With this considered, it’s easy to understand how tooth loss will change your self-confidence. Your smile and physical appearance are important sources in self-identity. Feelings of insecurity and inadequacy are common in many people that experience tooth loss.  A survey found that social embarrassment is a major problem related to tooth loss. Researchers also found that many of the dentists reported that patients with tooth loss have less social interaction compared to individuals with a complete smile. The social stigma around tooth loss only adds to already low self-confidence.


In our society, smiling is a fact of life. We smile all the time, sometimes without even being aware of it. When you fail to smile, especially in social and professional situations, people may misinterpret that as a lack of interest, or downright rudeness.

avoid talking due to tooth loss


Many patients suffering from tooth loss avoid social gatherings because of discomfort or embarrassment. This can end up impairing a person’s ability to create close friendships or romantic relationships, which will end up affecting their view on their own self-worth.

missing tooth related mental stress

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