Intra-oral Scanner at Jamnagar

Taking our commitment towards providing the latest and best possible dental treatment solutions to our patients, Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic, in Jamnagar has Aoralscan 3 Shining 3D intraoral scanner for the convenience and betterment of its patients.

Intra-oral scanner for digital dental impression

Intraoral scanner is ultra-modern dental technology used in digital dentistry for making digital intra-oral impressions of the patient’s oral cavity without using the conventional impression trays and materials.

Dr. Bharat Katarmal and his team use the advanced Aoralscan 3 Shining 3D intra-oral Scanner to capture pictures of your teeth and create high-quality digital impressions. This state-of-the-art device removes the discomfort and mess of traditional impression materials and improves the quality of your treatments.

Intra oral dental scanner at jamnagar dental clinic

Digital impressions represent cutting-edge technology that allows us to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using optical scanning devices. The digital technology captures clear and highly accurate impression data in mere minutes, without the need for traditional impression materials that some patients find inconvenient and messy. Many patients find digital impressions an easier and more comfortable procedure because traditional impression materials are avoided. The impression information then is transferred to a computer and used to create restorations, often without the need for stone models.

No traditional impression tray and material

The digital impression for implant prosthesis, crown and bridge taken with Intra-oral scanners are highly accurate and fast. It is also useful in diagnosis, treatment of smile design and orthodontic treatment.

The procedure of digital impression with Intra-oral scanner is more comfortable, convenient and fast then traditional impression taken with impression tray and material for patient.

Traditional impressions cause discomfort for patients as the material is sometimes not liked by the patients and it leads to gag reflex. Also, the tray used might hurt the patient. Digital impressions reduce discomfort by eliminating the need for material as well as impression trays.

The most important advantage of digital impression is accuracy in result of final dental treatment. The digital impression taken with scanners Improved image/impression quality for better-fitting restorations like crown, bridge, implant, veneers and aligners.

The intra-oral scanner is the need of this new era of the Digital dentistry world.


 “What is a digital impression?”

Digital impressions are 3D pictures or models displayed on a screen which are produced by a software that uses a ‘wand’ like device that captures data of the teeth and jaws, much like a camera which measures light reflection times in the form of videos or continuous burst images.

digital dental impression for dental restoration

These digital impressions can then be used to diagnose dental issues, plan treatment and predict results digitally and produce models and prosthesis using 3D printers.

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