Physiodispenser - Implant Dentistry

The physiodispenser is key technology in implant dentistry. The Physio-Dispenser is a device enabling us to embed the implants into the bone. Its main advantage is that, compared to standard dental sets of instruments, almost every part of the dispenser can be sterilized, which prevents spreading of infection into the operation wound.

It allows bone surgery at low speed becomes extremely safe and patients will typically not get any swelling after surgery.

It cut bone very efficiently with controlled torch, speed and gear.

There is constant saline irrigation system which washed away wash the bone debris and blood and also act as coolant. So after surgery patient will not get pain and swelling.

It has very low noise, comfortable for patient.

We, at Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental and Implant Clinic Jamnagar, use NSK physiodispenser for implant surgical procedure.

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