3D Root Canal Obturation System EQ-V

By definition root canal treatment is the removal of infected pulp and cleaning, shaping, and disinfecting the root canal system. Subsequently, a three-dimensional filling can be provided. In effect, the core objective of the root canal is the three dimensional filling of the root canals, as well as any accessory canals.
at dt bharat katarmal clinic we use 3d obturation for root canal treatment

Gutta percha is the material of choice and widely used material to fill and seal the root canal system. The quality of sealing is depending on the obturation technique. 3D warm vertical obturation system of root canal allow to warm the root canal filling material gutta percha and then allow proper condensation to ensure complete and perfect sealing of root canal system.
We use EQ-V cordless root canal obturation system, made in Korea, which allow us to seal root canal system complete 3-dimensionally and perfectly, ensure very high success rate of root canal treatment.

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