Rubber Dam

While operating on any other body part, surgeons use surgical drapes to isolate the area being treated and to prevent bacterial contamination. Likewise, we use a dental dam for endodontic procedures, or procedure where absolute isolation and dryness of field is required.
In short, a dental dam is a protective safety device used by dentists, during dental treatment, which may put the rest of your teeth or mouth at risk for infection.
We use dental dams during every endodontic procedure to create a safe operating environment.

rubber dam application in root canal treatment patient at jamnagar

Benefits of using a rubber dam
 Prevents the possibility of any materials or chemicals falling into your mouth or being ingested during treatment.
  It stops bacteria in saliva from splashing onto the tooth. This is very important for successful root canaltreatment, because the bacteria in saliva can contaminate the root canals, thus increasing the risk of endodontic failure.
 It keeps the operative field clean and dry. For many dental procedures like composit fillinginvolving bonding with adhesives or cements, the tooth must be kept perfectly dry during placement of the resin or dental cement, which will likely fail to adhere to the tooth. Unless the treated area dry and free of blood or saliva.
 It can prevent instruments, materials, endodontic irrigants or other solutions from being inhaled, swallowed or damaging the mouth. Some of these could damage the soft tissues of the mouth and be harmful if swallowed.
  It protects tongue and gums from irritation that could otherwise occur during treatment.
  It improves the visibility and accessibility of the operative site.
   It save time, make treatment faster.
  It is more comfortable for patient as well as for dentist
  It enhance the success rate of dental treatment

The use of rubber dam is international safety standard procedure for dental treatment, but unfortunately very few doctors use this safety feature. As a responsible professional we at our clinic use rubber dam in each and every root canaltreatment patients. Though it increases the material expense little bit, but significantly it enhances the safety of patient and quality of dental treatment. 

We, at Dr. Bharat Katarmaldental clinic Jamnagar, use Dental Dam, Coltene Whaledent, USA, a gold standard rubber dam product.

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