Sterilization (Infection Control)

Your Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental and implant clinic covid ready clinic, means we maintain all hygiene standard accoding to IDA and DCI and provide dental treatment with prior appointment only.

 safety is a major priority for us and we strictly adhere to our high standards of sterilization and hygiene.  Being a patient of our clinic should make you feel safe since everything is transparent. We are proud of our sterilization equipment, benchmark for high-quality work, which we consider a must for every dental clinic.

Sterilization is very important in dental clinic as dental instruments are possible agents for pathogenic transmission from patient to patient, from patient to doctor and vice versa. With the increasing risk of cross infections by Hepatitis B and HIV viruses, the dental clinics are bound to observe the same stringent rules in sterilization of instruments and disinfection/maintenance of the clinic area.

About sterilization

Sterilization is the complete elimination or destruction of all forms of microbial life and is accomplished in healthcare facilities by either physical or chemical processes. Disinfection describes a process that eliminates many or all pathogenic microorganisms on inanimate objects with the exception of bacterial spores. Method of sterilization that may be used for these instruments and materials that are heat stable include steam under pressure (autoclave), chemical (formaldehyde) vapour, and dry heat. Out of these three methods steam under pressure i.e. autoclaving is the most dependable method of sterilization, where the instruments are exposed to steam under pressure of 15 pounds at 121 degree Celsius for 15 minutes. ALL bacteria and viruses are killed. Autoclaving is the best available method to sterilize reusable surgical instruments.

Measures taken in our Dental Clinic to prevent cross infection

We follow a very strict sterilization protocol. Starting from the diagnostic kit for consultation of the patient, everything is disposable including the glasses, trays, gloves, face masks, suction tips, saliva ejectors, syringes for local anesthesia and bibs. The cotton and gauze are steam sterilized/ autoclaved before use. All equipment that is used in your mouth is completely sterilized.

item and step we taken care for infection control in our dental clinic

We maintain the highest standard of cleanliness and sterilization, our staff being specially trained in the standard precautions. At our Dental Clinic, we are dedicated towards our sterilization & Disinfection protocol, in order to offer the best possible protection to each and every patient that comes into our practice.

All instruments capable of withstanding high temperatures are steam sterilized under pressure in an autoclave. For your protection from infection, we follow strict procedures of cleaning, disinfection, packaging, autoclaving/steam sterilization, sterilizer monitoring and storage of all our instruments before every usage. All the instruments are packed in special pouch, sterilized by means of modern Uniclav autoclave machine. All the sterilized instruments are opened in front of the patient only to assure them of the sterility of the instruments. With unique modern facilities clients can be sure of first-classtreatment in all areas of dentistry.

Gloves and masks are worn to prevent transmission of disease between you and us (both ways), as well as providing protection from transmitting any diseases between you and another patient in the practice. Glasses, gloves, syringes, needles and suction tips are immediately discarded after being used on a single patient and are never reused.

The fixed instrument tray of the dental unit is cold sterilized after every use. The switches, buttons and levers of our lights and equipment are covered with sterile plastic barriers.

Hand washing and scrubbing using antimicrobial solutions before and after each procedure is made mandatory.

The water used in our dental lines is distilled water. We have our own distilled water plant. Clinic water system is designed with special filters to ensure pure & safe water supply for clinical work.
The flooring is polished vitrified tile flooring. There is no carpet. Hence, cleaning is possible with disinfectant and hence, hygiene of the clinic is maintained. We have efficient ventilation in our surgery in order to detoxify the air. The patients are requested to keep their footwear outside the premises of the clinic.

Proper disposal of Bio Medical Waste - We are proud to say that we are affiliated with ‘Dev Biomedical Waste Management Services’, Medical Waste Disposal Unit for all our biomedical waste. All the waste is packed in separate color coded bags and is taken care of by the Biomedical waste management service. So leaving no chances for cross infections and environmental pollution.

Our Commitment

Safety is our unique feature!

We have utmost respect for the trust our patients place in us and work tirelessly to ensure a safe, infection free environment in our clinic.

The best defence against disease is information. The more you know, the better equipped you are to make wise decisions about your health care. The more you know about our daily procedures and policies, the more comfortable you will feel.

So if you are in search of an ultra hygienic dental clinic to care of you and your family members’ dental problems, your search has ended here. We are the one you are looking for…….

We care for you - To safeguard your health by all means, is our commitment!

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