Endodontic Rotary System

RootCanal Therapy -  To save carious and  painful teeth , a root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy is performed in which there is  removal of the infected pulp from chamber and root canals of the teeth. After the infected pulp is removed, the root canals are cleaned, sealed, and protected by the placement of a dental crown.

Successful Root Canal Treatments

Most patients don’t ask their dentist about the tools and instruments they use to perform the various treatments they offer. When preparing a tooth for root canal therapy, thoroughly cleaning the pulp chamber and associated canals is the most important phase in successful root canal treatment. Patients often think it doesn’t matter how a procedure is accomplished, as long the treatment is effective.

This procedure has been performed by dental clinics for many years, but more recently an advanced method of performing root canals was developed and is called rotary endodontics.
At Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic,Jamnagar, we use rotary endodontic technology to make the experience quicker, smoother and more pleasant for patient and dentist also.

Advantages of Latest Rotary Endodontics
 More Efficient than Manual Methods

Rotary endodontics utilizes a hi-tech electrical handpiece that can clean, shape, enlarging canals better and more efficiently than traditional manual methods. The tips are made of nickel titanium, which are five times more flexible than stainless steel. This means that the procedure is quicker and more reliable. In short, it is time saving and efficient technique.

Low Risk of Complications

There is also is less risk for broken file complications. Fewer x-rays are required because the machine with apex locator identifies the length of the canal.
More Comfortable and Stress free
The electric handpiece is remarkably quieter and won’t be irritating to patient. This noise can be a source of anxiety for some patients; so eliminating it makes the process less stressful for patients. Although the rotary handpiece do make a whirring noise, it is barely noticeable.
Quite Painless
Mechanical rotation of endodontic rotary system possesses the enhanced ability to collect and remove debris from the canal system compared to manual filing. Hand instrumentation can push debris laterally into canal intricacies or apically through the foramen when using techniques that commonly use piston-like file insertions or counter clockwise directional motion. Conversely, continuous clockwise rotation will convey debris only in a coronal direction. The pushed debris and microorganisms beyond the foramen is one of the major causes of pain after root canal treatment. Rotary endodontic system doesn’t push debris beyond tooth. Together with electronic apex locator, advanced dental technology at our clinic, we can regularly and smoothly perform root canal treatment in single sitting without pain.

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