Electronic Apex Locator Root ZX

As all people are not of equal height, same here every tooth is also different length. During root canal treatment, dentist clean tooth chamber as well as canal, so it is necessary to know exact length of tooth to be treated. By definition root canal treatment is the removal of infected pulp and cleaning, shaping, and disinfecting the root canal system. Subsequently, a three-dimensional filling can be provided. To achieve this goal, an essential stage is the assessment of the correct length of the root canals. When the root canal treatment is performed without apex locator on base of average root length arbitrary, there are chances of left unclean root ends with infected tissue and microorganisms inside the root canal. This cause pain after root canal treatment and major cause of root canal treatment failure.  Electronic Apex locator is the instrument which measures the exact length of root canal even up to 0.25 mm.

Advantages of Electronic Apex Locator
  Electronic Apex Locator is much more precise than traditional x-rays
  Drastically cuts down usage of x-rays and radiation
  Ensures nearly 100% cleaning of the root canal
  Provides feedback if there are any complications
  Allows most root canals to be completed in one sitting without postoperative pain
  Reduces chair and procedure time
  Helps insure accuracy and treatment success
We use Root ZX Apex Locator from J. Morita, USA Company, which is number one brand in market of apex locators. The Root ZX Apex Locator has set the standard for accuracy and patient safety, by precisely locating the position of the file inside the root canal. The Root ZX Apex Locator’s advanced super computer microprocessor calibrates automatically, and provides us valuable diagnostic information during the root canal procedure.

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