Fiber Optic Hand Piece

Hand piece or dental drill is very important instrument for dentist. It used in most of dental procedure. Hand pieces are used to remove the decayed and damaged portion of a tooth, in preparation for a dental restoration, such as a dental crown, bridge or filling.

The people, apprehensive to dental treatment, most of them are due to dental drill. The quality of dental drill plays a major role in comfort in dental treatment to patient as well as dentist also. Ordinary dental drill creates too much noise, vibration which increases fear of patient. We at Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental Clinic Jamnagar, use W&H high-speed fiber optic hand piece made in Austria, Which is also fiber optic.

w&h fibre optic hand piece for better visibility

Fiber optic hand pieces dramatically change dental practices t as follows:
  Shines light directly on the preparation which helps us by tremendously improving visibility which allows better performance and more safety for patients.
  Reduces operator stress and fatigue.
  Overall, it results in better dentistry for the patient with high safety.

light at site of treatment for quality dental treatment

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