How Many Appointments Are Required For Bridge?

Dental bridge takes two visits to prepare and fit.

The bridge process includes preparing the abutment teeth, fabricating the restoration and placing the bridge. The entire process is divided into two visits.

dental bridge procedure steps

The first appointment

Before starting definite treatment, a close up digital photograph with DSLR camera is taken with the tab of shade guide to match exact shade of new prosthesis with your remaining natural teeth. During the first appointment, the abutment teeth are prepared for the bridge. The teeth must be shaped before a bridge is placed. The amount of structure removed depends on the location of the tooth and the material to be used for the bridge. Then an digital impression of the teeth is captured using a intra-oral scanner ant sends it online to a dental lab to make a customized restoration.  This again is an integral step in the dental bridge treatment process as it ensures your new bridge will enable you to bite normally. Then temporary bridge is cemented to protect the tooth. This first appointment can take up to 60 minutes. However, many patients are done in less than an hour. The length of time depends on the location of teeth, mouth opening and difficulty level of teeth to be prepared.


Second appointment

This process of the dental bridge fabrication can take approximately a 1 week, and this is why you are unable to have a same-day dental bridge treatment. The next procedure is begun by removing the temporary bridge and cleaning the cement off the teeth. Then the fitting of the bridge is evaluated. Then the bridge is bonded with special luting cement to the tooth. The second visit usually takes around 20 minutes to complete. However, it can take 30 minutes or longer. 

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