Can A Tooth That Needs A Root Canal Heal Itself?

Unfortunately, the infected pulp of the tooth will not heal on its own and requires a root canal treatment to properly be treated. Sometimes, patients may think a tooth infection has healed itself once they no longer feel pain in their tooth, but this just signals that the nerves inside of the tooth have died. While the patient may no longer feel pain, the infection will still be present inside the tooth. Left untreated, the bacterial infection can spread to your jaw, your brain, your blood, and your body.

carious tooth does not heal itself


That’s why treating symptoms only with the help of over the counter pain killer and antibiotic, might worsens the situation.

The infected tooth should either be treated with root canal treatment or get extracted. Any natural tooth which can be saved by root canal treatment should not be extracted. Extraction of tooth is not wise option.

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