Know How Soft Drink Harm Teeth

Most off soft drink contains more than 9 teaspoonful of sugar? Bacteria that live inside your mouth eat sugar, producing acid as a result. This acid begins to erode your tooth enamel around the bacterial colony, allowing the bacteria to move into the eroded areas and eventually leading to cavities. The time it takes you to finish a soda can increase or decrease the total damage done to your teeth.

soft drink damage the tooth

Moreover the acids found in soft drinks cause significant tooth decay, no matter what age you are. They contain acid and sugar that begin to slowly soften the tooth enamel that protects your teeth and eventually leading to cavities. In some major cases, softened enamel and inadequate brushing techniques can lead to tooth loss in most patients. In other words, soft drink, whether it is diet or regular, has a very negative effect on enamel by increasing the acid pH in the mouth for a period of at least an hour. By reducing the amount you drink, practicing good Oral Hygiene, and seeking help from your dentist, you can counteract their effect and enjoy better oral health.

Dental health awareness by Jamnagar dentist dr. bharat katarmal
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