Why you should discontinue use of bottle for baby’s dental health

Do you know the danger of Baby Bottle Syndrome and what is it?

Baby Bottle Syndrome is the rapid decay of baby teeth in infants and children from frequent, long exposure to liquids containing sugars.

Bottle feeding danger for baby milk teeth advised by jamnagar dental surgeon

This problem is caused by the baby or child falling asleep while drinking a bottle or while breast feeding. The sugary liquid from the milk or juice pools around the front teeth and reacts with the bacteria in the child's mouth causing tooth decay.

These baby teeth are important for chewing and biting food, having a nice smile and speaking properly. The most important function of baby teeth, however, is that they hold space in the mouth for the upcoming permanent teeth.

In sort, baby teeth are important, preserve them and consider the treatment of milk teeth.

It always said “Prevention is better than cure”. Avoid bottle during asleep to child.

dental health tips from jamnagar dental clinic

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