How Breast feeding good for baby’s teeth

Breastfeeding help proper dental and jaw development.

Suckling at the breast is good for a baby's tooth and jaw development. Babies at the breast have to use as much as 60 times more energy to get food than do those drinking from a bottle...As muscles are exercised in suckling, their constant pulling encourages the growth of well-formed jaws and straight, healthy teeth.

Breastfeeding help in dental health advised by jamnagar dentist

Among breastfed infants, the longer the duration of nursing the lower the incidents of malocclusion.

The bioavailability for absorption of calcium and phosphorus ions more in breast milk than bottle milk, make more strong and healthy teeth.

If newly mom feel difficulties in breast feeding and want to know scientific guidance, click this link. Lactating mother must visit this (Gujarati) website. It will be really useful for her.

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