Is Root Canal Treatment Safe For Pregnant Women?


Since a root canal treatment is often necessary because a person has a tooth that is either causing extreme pain or is infected, it is best to get root canal treatment immediately, even if the person is pregnant. Untreated pain will produce too much stress and an abscess could critically endanger the health of the mother and developing baby.


root canal treatment RCT during pregnancy at Jamnagar dental clinic

However a pregnant woman should consult her gynecologist before going for root canal as the protocol will vary considering her pregnancy.


Certain issues can be considered in case of root canal carrying out on a pregnant woman:


Treatment timing : A consideration must be made that weighs the timing of the pregnant patient's root canal treatment in regards to their overall comfort and the well being of them and their fetus.


Appointment length and number of visits: Instead of one relatively longer appointment, in order to keep a pregnant patient physically comfortable, their root canal treatment may need to be divided into shorter visits.


The use of radiographs (x-rays): However, it is likely that we will want to employ techniques that help them to keep the needed number of x-rays to a minimum in order to avoid the fetus to get exposed to X-rays. The use of Apex Locator avoids the x-rays. In case, if x-ray is needed, we have lead apron to protect body of patient and baby to prevent x-ray radiation hazards.

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