How Long Do Root Canal Treated Tooth Last?

The data says root canal treatments are over 95% successful, if case selection is proper, and can last a lifetime. The most important thing to do to make a root canal last as long as possible is get the permanent restoration (fillings or crowns) on the tooth immediately following the root canal and maintain that restoration with impeccable hygiene. A tooth that has had a root canal can still get a cavity, so a person must brush and floss the tooth thoroughly to keep it healthy. Since there is no nerve in the tooth, a person will not feel any symptoms if the tooth gets a cavity. The tooth will only hurt if it gets fractured or gets another abscess around it. The patient should get regular dental check up every 6 monthly to take checkup X-rays from time to time to check the tooth for reinfection or other signs of failure.


durability of root canal treated tooth

Depending on several factors the tooth that is treated with root canal can last lifelong which is listed below:
1, Expertise and precision with which the treatment is done
2, Proper restoration of tooth is crucial to the entire treatment which serves below mentioned purposes:
3, The restoration must be able to provide a lasting seal that prevents contaminates from the oral environment from seeping back into the tooth's root canal space.
4, The restoration must also be one that can help to protect the root canal treated tooth from future damage (such as fracture or breakage) by crown.

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