How Can I Avoid The Need For Root Canal Treatment In The Future?

Keep your teeth decay-free by brushing and flossing every day. Eat a healthy diet low in sugar, high in fiber and avoid acidic beverages such as soda. Have regular professional cleanings and check up 6 monthly.


Protect tooth from root canal treatment

Regular check up is best method to avoid need for root canal treatment in the future. During regular dental check up, if there is deep pit and fissure, which favorable for trapping food may initiate caries. If these early dental cavities left untreated, eventually they progress to dental pulp, you may suffer the symptoms range from hot and cold sensitivity to severe pain or abscess. Once decay extents up to pulp, it require root canal treatment to get rid of pain. So it is wise to get filled early dental caries as early as possible and avoid need of root canal treatment and save time, save money and escape from trouble caused by pulp infection.


Always prevention is better than cure.

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RCT at jamnagar dental clinic

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