Does Every Root Canal Treated Tooth Require Crown?

A crown seal and strengthen the tooth after a root canal treatment for the long term but a crown isn't necessary in every case. The front teeth and reasonable strong teeth after root canal treatment may not need crown.

why crown after root canal treatment


Root canal treatment saves teeth from decay, but they cannot strengthen the tooth structure which is weakening by loss of tooth structure by decay.  During root canal treatment, carious structure of tooth is removed completely. If tooth is badly carious, all the carious structure are removed and filled. For this reason, teeth with large cavities are weak even when the cavities are filled. Over time, this remaining weak tooth structure causes them to lose strength and become likely to fracture.


To stop the tooth from disintegrating, a dentist will recommend restoring the tooth with a dental crown. Since crowns are one of the more common restorations that people need on their teeth after root canal treatment, because dental crown is often the best option to extend the life of a tooth for years to come.


The front teeth are not put under as much pressure as the molars. After a root canal, they can simply be restored with dental filling and left without a crown. However, if the front tooth has been discolored by decay, then a crown should be fitted for cosmetic purposes.


In the end, it all depends on the remaining original tooth structure. If the tooth is in good condition after a root canal, only filling is sufficient, especially if it is a front tooth. In almost all cases, it is recommended the crown be placed on a molar whose dental pulp has been removed. Depending on the situation of your tooth, the dentist will come up with a good and permanent solution.

In sort, to strengthen the remaining tooth structure, it is necessary to give crown over it, to maintain its strength, shape and function and aesthetic also.

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