FMR with Teeth Supported Removable Overdenture


Teeth Supported Overdenture - Solution for loose lower denture
Teeth Supported Overdenture || Full Mouth Rehabilitation

This is 85 years old patient came with complaint of inability to chew food. There were remain only few useless teeth. We plan to remove all teeth except both lower canines teeth, which are strong. We done root canal treatment in both canines and attached overdenture post to support lower denture for better retention.

Only Few teeth Before Treatment
Before Treatment || Only Few Remaining Teeth

Root canal Treatment done in both lower canines
Root Canal Treatment done in both Lower Canines

Access OVD Post to support Lower denture
Access OVD Post placed in Canines to Support Lower Denture

Lower Overdenture
Lower Overdenture

After Treatment of Teeth Supported Overdenture
After Treatment of Teeth Supported Overdenture

Access  OVD post Teeth Supported Overdenture
After Denture || Full Mouth Rehabilitation || OVD post Overdenture

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