Ultrasonic Scaler

The ultrasonic scaling is device which removes tartar (calculus), plaque, biofilm and stain from the tooth surface and underneath the gum line. Scaling is therapeutic as well as preventive therapy for pyorrhea.
The latest technology in ultrasonic scaling has improved dental cleaning experience in more ways than one. It is a tool that works by sending ultrasonic vibrations along your gum line and teeth, which debond tartar, or calculus. The tarter is the substance that hardens on teeth and cannot be removed by your routine brushing and flossing at home. The ultrasonic scaler has sound waves that actually break apart the calculus deposits. For a more streamlined process, this tool also allows water to flow from the tip so that debris is washed away wash and the device does not overheat.

p5 booster ultrasonic scaler for scaling, teeth cleaning

Advantages of Ultrasonic Scaler
  Less hand and wrist fatigue due to the light touch necessary to merely guide the scaler tip along the tooth surface compated to manual scaling
  Decreased treatment time, especially with heavy deposits, leaving more time for patient education compared to manual scaling.
  More efficient removal of dental plaque and calculus with ultrasonic instrumentation compared to manual scaling.
  Ultrasonic tip spray promotes elimination of dental  plaque compared to manual scaling
  Less tissue trauma due to no sharp cutting edges compared to manual scaling
  Water provides continuous tissue lavage, thereby reducing the need for rinsing during scaling, since the water flow allows for high visibility throughout the procedure; this lavage also increases tissue comfort for the patient during and after the procedure compared to manual scaling.
  Excellent for stain removal that may otherwise be tedious to scale by hand compared to manual scaling.
  Patients experience a higher level of comfort.

We, at Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental clinic, Jamnagar use Satelac P5 booster ultrasonic scaler, made in France, top quality brand in market of ultrasonic scaler.

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