Healix Bleaching LED Teeth Whitening System

Drinking coffee, smoking cigarettes and aging can all cause your teeth to take on a dirty, yellowish stain.  Teeth whitening have become an incredibly popular treatment for adults; it is the treatment most people would pick to improve their smiles.

In order to obtain the best results for your smile, we use one of the tooth whitening treatments, the chair side Healix, whitening system, leading in-office treatment for bleaching teeth. It is blue light LED (light emitting diode) technology.

teeth whitening kit at jamnagar dr bharat katarmal dental clinic

We us in-office bleaching, high concentration hydrogen peroxide (15%-40%) gel. It is widely used material because of these advantages: Minimally invasive, immediate visible results and no need of patient cooperation. Also, in-office whitening is the best for patients who need close monitoring for clinical conditions such as pronounced gingival recession or deep, unrestored abfraction lesions, and necessary for tooth discoloration associated with endodontic therapy.

Healix LED activation triggers a photo catalyst within the whitener that assists in breaking its hydrogen peroxide content down into its reactive components. This, in turn, speeds up the rate at which the tooth whitening process takes place (shorter appointments) and enhances the treatment's results (whiter teeth).

Note: Modern bleaching lights are not used for "thermal" activation of the whitener (heating it up so to increase its reactivity). Doing so can be harmful to teeth.

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