Will I Go Home With A Short, Ugly Tooth?

No, your tooth will be covered with temporary plastic crown for approximately one week, till your permanent new crown to come from the dental lab. This temporary crown is made in same visit of tooth preparation at dental clinic with the help of special temporary crown material.  So, with this special service, there is no need go home or social event with a short, ugly tooth.

So many times, this immediate temporary crown service are used in emergency service to manage special occasions of patients.
The temporary crown may not be as perfect as permanent crown, mainly because it’s not meant to stay in place for more than a few weeks. Also, the color may not be as well matched to your other teeth because of the materials that are used for a temporary crown.
Temporary crown is cemented in with temporary cement. It should be fully functional, so you can chew normally. However, because the cement is not meant to hold the tooth in place permanently, it’s best to avoid chewing on hard, tough, or sticky foods. The temporary is not as strong as a permanent crown, so you need to take a little extra care.

prepared tooth for crown

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