Can Dental Crown Fall Out? Why?


Sometimes, crowns fall out. In some cases, a crown may come loose because there is decay underneath it. After crowning a tooth, decay often starts near the gum line where the crown and tooth meet. The decay destroys part of the tooth, so it no longer has a tight hold on the crown.



Sometimes and inevitably, crowns fall off. Usually, this is due to an improper fit, a lack of cement, or a slight amount of tooth structure remaining that the crown can hold on to.

Sometimes are due to poor workmanship, some are due to the tooth itself. There wasn’t enough tooth structure to hold onto the crown. Sometimes the teeth are so short that when tooth is prepared them for a crown, there’s not much tooth left for the crown to “grab on to” when it is finally in place. This is more common in back teeth that have been worn down over years of use and are short.

Sometimes eating too much sticky foods. Generally speaking, people with artificial or restored teeth should avoid eating sticky foods. Chewing sticky foods like chewing gums, some sticky chocolates can gradually loosen your crown as you consume them. Eat enough sticky foods and your crown might even fall out. If a crown becomes loose due to sticky foods, it can be recemented.

Sometimes the crown is broken or otherwise damaged. While crowns consist of durable materials, still these are not as strong as your natural teeth. The truth is that the enamel of teeth is the strongest part of entire body. Habits like chewing on hard items or grinding teeth can fracture a crown over time. When a crown is damaged, the only solution is to replace it with a new one.

Sometimes it is due to poor shaping and faulty impression taking by dentist. The shaping crown is highly skilled work, if tooth to be crowned is improperly shaped, poorly defined margin placement is strong reason to fall out crown. The improper margin shaping is strong reason results in improper fit of crown and leakage between crown and tooth, eventually results in caries underneath tooth and of inflammation gums near margin.

Sometimes it is due to poor fabrication of dental technician. The latest CAD-CAM technology is best solution which minimize the human errors to fabricate the crown in dental laboratory.

The quality and technique to use of cement is also important factor.

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