Technology at Our Dental Clinic

For us, there is nothing more important than helping you achieve a healthier, happier smile. As part of our ongoing effort to provide you and your family with high-quality treatments, we have equipped our dental office with many advanced forms of dental technology. Dental technology in Dr. Bharat Katarmal dental clinic Jamnagar allows us to treat your dental problems quickly, minimize pain and discomfort, gain a greater understanding of your smile, and ensure your health throughout your visit. Our goal is to always have you leave our office with a smile.

Our team is trained and experienced in utilizing dental technology to its fullest extent. We are also committed to helping you understand how we are taking care of your smile and why.

You deserve the best. At our inviting dental clinic, you’ll experience the wonders of modern technology for diagnostics, treatment planning, clinical procedures, and ultimate comfort.

Our technology is truly cutting edge. From rotary endodontics, implants to digital imaging and radiographs, we leverage technology to provide the best dental care imaginable.

In fact, at our practice, technology is one of our most valuable tools. We have invested in technology and training to provide you and your family with state-of-the-art dental care. Our tools make patients comfortable, improve safety and diagnostics, and reduce appointment/treatment times. Everyone on our team is committed to making your experience positive and rewarding.

Our promise is to give you and your family exceptional dentistry service while having a great experience at our dental clinic. We offer the best in dental technology, and the best comfort in personalized dental care.

We love to give tours of our office and fully explain the benefits of certain equipment and methods available. When you visit Dr. Bharat Katarmal Dental Clinic Jamnagar, you can expect safe, modern dentistry in a relaxing environment.

 Computerised Dental Chair Unit
 Digita Xray technology
 OPG machine
 Electonic apex locator
 Rotary Endodontic System
 3D Obturation system
 Rubber dam
 Ultrasonic Scaler
 Healix Bleaching Light
 Fibreoptic Hand piece
 Mini handpiece for kid
 Bioart Articulator and facebow
 Intraoral camera