When a case demands the finest craftsmanship and highest esthetics, look no further than 5YW  Ultra-Translucent zirconia.
Hand layerd Emax porcelain gives you radiant natural beauty and its CAD/CAM milled coping means that the fit is precise and predictable.
Precision-milled by cad/cam technology and hand-finished by an expert ceramist, it's the most esthetic zirconia restoration in the market today. Perfect for anterior and posterior crowns and bridges.
5YW Ultra-T is the best-of-the-best restoration that will help you achieve the “wow” factor. It is material of choice for discoloured teeth. It prevent the dark gingival lines. Milled over CAD/CAM hence precise on fit and prefect with function in the mouth. More esthetic than traditional zirconia restorations.
5YW  Ultra-Translucent zirconia