Tilite is a 100% medically pure Ceramic alloy made utilizing 7 medically pure earth elements from Talladium USA. Talladium is a company situated in California, USA producing an alloy called Tilite used for PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal). Tilite formula is based on the same science that NASA used in the fabrication of the Porcelain Fused to Metal shield for the Apollo space program.
Tilite is a 100% medically pure ceramic alloy with titanium from USA made utilizing 7 medically pure earth elements.
tilite crown and bridge sample
Tilite ceramic bond & compressive strength proved to be 30% greater than the highest rated precious alloy & more than twice that of the most popular Non-Precious metal alloy test to date.
Tilite is the only alloy having the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and registration for “Medical devices Implanted in the body” from USA. No other ceramic base alloy has this. Tilite alloy is ISO certified and has earned the CE mark.
Over 125 million (12.5 crores) units in the mouth with no Biological problems for over 30 years in USA.